How I Got Here

Anyone have a person in your life who made you believe you could touch the moon if you reached high enough? I do, and she happens to be my mom. At seven years old, I told her I wanted to be a fashion designer. Without hesitation she taught me how to use her sewing machine, and within the day I was hooked! Halter top in hand I knew this was just the beginning.

I started attending fashion re-design and design classes after school, only growing my abilities and desire to create. Eventually, I found myself participating in amateur fashion shows, and going to New York for internships with designers to soak up all I could about the industry. My senior year of high school I was torn between either going to a fashion school in New York or attending a four-year college. I chose the latter, and decided to get a degree in Fashion merchandising from Texas Christian University. Throughout the next four years, I was desperate to continue to create and problem solve, so I sought out more internships and extra projects to quench this desire. Nothing worked until I got a job as a personal assistant. This women’s trust in me grew to allow me to start picking out everything within her life even down to what she wore.  I shopped for her, dressed her for every special occasion or trip to the grocery store. This became a full-time job. I got to redesign her closet with a contractor, making a special place for every item in her wardrobe. Before I knew it, those four years had gone by, and it was time for me to move to Dallas for a job in the fashion industry as a wholesaler.

After a few months, I began to feel the void again - an ache to help, a desire to create and the opportunity to see that relief on someone’s face after I worked in their closet. I couldn’t keep away, so I got back in touch with my first client.  Soon word spread to her friends, and before I knew it, I was traveling all over Texas! I was helping women and easing the frustration that our closets can give us in hopes of solving the problem of “what do I wear?”. Thus KW Consulting was created as a platform to help women with all their clothing needs.

Over the past couple of years, this business has changed - my vision has changed. KW Consulting is more than a personal stylist, shopper, or organizer. My desire is to be a relief to the stress that society can put on us as women to be “perfect”. I want to help women see their beauty in who they are, not what they wear.   Taking away the burden of shopping, the stress of what to wear, and the pain of not feeling good enough is what we do.  This is KWC's passion: to give women the time back to focus on themselves, their work, their friends and family.  After working together, I want to leave you a more confident, beautiful and content you.

Kimber Holcombe1 Comment