CWC Featuring: Heather Stark

Heather Stark:Sage, Authenticity Enthusiast, Grace Giver

Heather Stark:Sage, Authenticity Enthusiast, Grace Giver

Today we are launching our Confident Women Campaign (aka CWC)! The idea behind it is to shine light on women who are living rooted in grace and confidence in who they are.

Ladies, it can be so hard to live in the belief that you are full of beauty and worth. Even harder still that your talents and abilities are valuable and needed in this world! Sometimes we need to be reminded, encouraged, and pushed to walk in those truths and own in!

I want this to be a resource for all of us, to lift up one another as we go after dreams, goals, or even just to the grocery store! We are enough. We are worth it. We are beautiful

I haven’t always felt this way- empowered. But over the past couple years I have taken the steps to work this muscle, if you will, to embrace who Kimber is. Not just for the betterment of myself but also for others. On my journey down this road, I ran into Heather Stark. She has gone the windy road of self-exploration and has found herself at a beautiful bend where her passions have collided. I met her there a little over a year ago. A sage in grace, confidence and worth, Heather has dedicated her past, present and future to sharing the wisdom that she gleaned on her journey to help girls and women just like you and me learn to live in grace.

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On this journey, Heather founded the non-profit organization, Gracefully Strong. Gracefully Strong reaches girls through an educational platform that teaches girls the brain tools they need to give themselves grace in one of the toughest areas of life - adolescence. Alongside this organization, Heather launched Grace & Grit, a company also focused on helping girls find their power while teaching them essential life skills and confidence through customized monthly boxes filled with challenges, lessons and gifts. And recently, Heather launched a new platform for women just like her to share their stories unapologetically within a community of grace and acceptance.


A few weeks ago, I sat down with Heather and asked her a few questions so what we may be encouraged and motivated to continue on our paths of self awareness. 


Q: How would you define confidence?


Heather: Confidence is a the belief that you can try anything at least once and no matter what the outcome knowing you are still worth it.


Q: Where do you find your confidence?


Heather: My journey to confidence started when I was 23 years old. For the majority of my life until then I battled an eating disorder and poor self esteem. After intense therapy I decided it was time to make a change and begin my journey towards finding who I am. After graduating college I took about 3-4 months off before starting work to try a bunch of new things to see who Heather Stark is. I tried pottery, painting, sewing. I figured out what I liked and disliked and began to grow my foundation of who I am. Standing on those beliefs my confidence grew and I began to believe in myself, my abilities and my worth.


Heather standing with a group of girls that went through the Gracefully Strong program at their annual fundraise dinner. 

Heather standing with a group of girls that went through the Gracefully Strong program at their annual fundraise dinner. 

Q: What do you do to block out the worlds words?


Heather: By reminding myself what is true. The foundation that I stand on.


Q: How has fashion affected your confidence?


Heather: When I changed careers I immediately got rid of all of the stiff, shiny stuff in my closet. I threw it all away and have every since been growing this t-shirt collection focused on positive self-esteem and women's empowerment. I want to wear what makes me feel good and most like myself.


Q: What is your confidence secret?


Heather: Truly knowing yourself and giving yourself grace.


Q: Owning/running  2 business and a family how do you find solace?


Heather: I take it day by day and always make sure to carve out time that is uninterrupted and focused on my family.


Q: What advice can you give to working moms?


Heather: Its okay to not show up to the basketball game once a month. Its okay to take time out of the day to focus on you. It’s important as a mother to fill yourself up so you can pour out to your family.



Meet Heather Stark.

Heather Stark is the founder of Gracefully Strong. She is a certified School Counselor and Teacher in the state of Texas. She received her Masters of Education in School Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She also holds a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from The University of North Texas. She is trained in Crisis Management and she has won awards and grants during her time serving school districts including 2004-2005 Teacher of the Year for Liberty Elementary School. Mrs. Stark has been asked to speak to women and teenagers about her journey through Anorexia and Bulimia. She has been featured in Living Aledo, Parker County Living, 360 West, Fort Worth Business Press, and Ft. Worth for the empowering work she has been doing with girls in the metroplex. Heather has two children Isabella, 15 and Rafe, 8. She is married to Lanham Stark, a realtor with Keller Williams.


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