Meeting with Kimber is so convenient!!  I am a busy mom of three so time for shopping is limited.  She picked up on my style right away and is great about understanding the types of outfits I need.  I love how she comes up with clothing I wouldn't necessarily try on by myself -- they always look great on and give me something new and fun to wear!"

/  Kaitlyn Y. Houston, TX  /


Kimber is an extremely talented woman who prides herself in helping women look and feel their best. She knows current styling trends yet she does not have an agenda for her services. She seeks to understand your goals and then sets out to achieve them. She is creative and especially helped me create outfits from some items I already had but just didn't know what to pair with them. She is efficient and a bargain shopper yet doesn't compromise on style. Every woman could benefit from a visit from Kimber!

/  Tricia o. Houtson, TX  /


Kimber was awesome. She looked at every item (including clothes, coats, bags, belts, hats and shoes) and we discussed if I feel good in it, its condition and if it's dated. She made two piles. One to donate. One of items to replace. The remainder she arranged - I can see everything. I rediscovered items I'd forgotten. Lastly she made a shopping list of basics I'm missing or that needed replacing and suggested where to get them. She'll shop for you too. All this was accomplished in 3 hours!

/ Suzanna W. Houston, Tx  /


I have never felt so relieved! I was so nervous to hire Kimber, but after our time together, I couldn't believe how good I felt! We talked through all my aversions to clothing and helped me figure out why I like what I like. I feel like I finally know myself and can see it clearly when I walk into my closet. Will hire Kimber again for my next spring cleaning.

/  Ami f. Fort Worth, TX  /



I was referred to Kimber by a friend and am SO thankful. She has cleaned out my closet, organized it, shopped for me at least a dozen times and continues to style my closet. She is as important in my closet as my white t-shirt!

/ Chelsie K. Fort Worth, TX / 


KWC Featured in The House Method article “How to Organize your Closet”

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